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The Special Amp is the result of a long research work on the sound of the Vox AC30 Brian May, Queen guitarist.

I want to thank particularly warmly Greg Fryer, for his great kindness and his remarkable patience in our many discussions by email.

Brian May, during his musical career, used Vox AC30 mostly.

From the beginning, he uses electronics to perform on his amps changes and all maintenance, to make them more reliable, especially in concert. This reliability must indeed be impeccable because its conditions are extreme. Vox are at full capacity, with a TrebleBooster upstream, producing a creamy saturation which characterizes the sound of Queen.

Pete Cornish was one of those electronics for a long time, and Greg Fryer, with whom I had the chance to discuss the design and modification of Vox AC30 there are already a few years.

The Special Amp was born after the purchase of a Vox AC30 TBX Korg that made me think about its design, reliability and sound reproduction.

Although the AC30 TBX Korg is one of the closest reproductions of those '60s, it was only a reissue away from the original.

The reason is quite simple, the commercial choice of cheap components.

The solution, rebuild the amp as our good old tube amps of the '60s, with a hand wiring.

So I paid particular attention in the choice of suppliers and making myself a careful sorting of components, to ensure the quality of the sound. All these choices led to the realization of reliable amps with a very high quality sound.

The Special Amp consists in a total transformation of your Vox amp (Korg AC30, AC30 CC, BM AC30, AC30 TB, AC30 HW) with a new configuration of implantation and a selection of new electronic components sorted.

Besides the current frame of the amp, resistors, capacitors, the output transformer, choke, knobs and all tubes are replaced. The power transformer is maintained when reliable after test.

The Special Amp is built with : 1 normal input, 1 volume, 1 stand-by reduction, 1 power and uses two 12AX7 and four EL84.

Price on your amp : 1770€ VAT incl. (without options).

Options :

The use of these amps must be necessarily associated with Treble Booster for an optimal tone.

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