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Hello and welcome to SusaCustom

My job is to repair, restore and prepare tube guitar amps '60s, '70s, '80s, '90s... and all kinds of guitars and bass and vintage strongbox.

Guitarist and passionate about sound for a long time, I undertook several years ago to work on the sound quality of tube guitar amps, especially on Vox. My research allowed me to get close to the original sound quality of the 60's with increased reliability.

For this, the choice, the sorting and the quality of components, "handwired", are essential.

I use the most famous and reliable components in their manufacturing (Mercury Magnetics transformers, Ohmite resistors, capacitors Sprague Atom, Sozo, Orange Drop ...). I personally sort these components and match them.

All my tubes are tested and sorted by me using a tube-tester FC2013 by Christian Fabert, which allows me to use any tube manufacturer (JJ, EH, Sovtec, Golden Dragon, EI ...).

The choice of the tubes brand is on customer request.